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Special Tools HSS

We produce special tools according to your drawings and specifications

  • in a diameter range from 3 to 33 mm
  • according to the dimensions DIN 338/339/340/1897/1869/345/341/346/1870/343/344/1864, as well as all intermediate-, over- and short lengths
  • in the material quality HSS (material No. 3343) and HSCO (material No. 3243)
  • with different designs of the surface: blank with an additonal tempering surface finish or with a hard material coating like TiN, TiAIN, TiCN, special coatings

We offer different versions

  • step drills and core drills in single chamfer or multiple chamfer version
  • drill reamers and step drill reamers
  • all kind of form drills and counterbore tools
  • step drills
  • NC-center drills
  • with cylindric, conical or stepped shanks with different diameters
  • with retaining thread, clamping surface, tang to DIN 1809 or coolant channel

Drilling tools according to drawings can generally be manufactured on short notice.
Contact us! Our service team will be pleased to advise you.

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